C-Quest Capital

CQC, a carbon finance business, just went live with a new website and brand identity created by my team.  CQC works in the poorest communities around to the world to reduce our global carbon footprint, while enabling people in these communities to transform their lives.  Example:  Villagers in Nigeria cook over open fires.  This releases huge amounts of CO2, emits toxic fumes equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, and is hugely expensive because gathering fuel costs time and a big part of the family budget.  CQC provides highly efficient cookstoves that help the climate, improve the family’s health, and virtually erase the financial buden of open fires.  And it is all paid for by selling carbon credits to oil companies and huge utilities.  Amazing.  My team did the strategy, identity, and design work; Beaconfire (they rock!) built the site.








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