When I was CMO of The Trust for Public Land we had the opportunity to protect Cahuenga Peak, the land next to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles.  It was for sale and zoned for luxury home development.  We had two months to raise $12.5 million.  Our goal: create an enormous public demand to protect the peak, and attract donations from Hollywood’s rich and famous.  For five days we covered the sign with giant letters that read “SAVE the PEAK.”  This was nearly impossible to do, for a variety of political, legal, and logistical reasons.  We did it. The event attracted over 7 billion global media impressions.  Literally every new organization in the world covered it.

We received donations from the major Hollywood studios and such luminaries as Steven Spielberg and Hugh Hefner.  Today Cahuenga Peak is protected open space — a permanent addition to LA’s storied Griffith Park.



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